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Tenancy Deposits
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It is a legal requirement for letting agents and landlords to protect your tenancy deposit in a government approved scheme. For our managed properties your tenancy deposit will be registered and protected with (DPS) Deposit Protection Scheme for the entire term of your tenancy and you will receive a certificate as proof.

If we do not manage the property you will be advised accordingly before you sign your tenancy agreement as this will differ from landlord to landlord.

When will I get my tenancy deposit back?

At the end of your tenancy we will compile a check out report which is then compared to your original check in report to see if there any damages or changes to the condition. Normal wear and tear and your length of tenancy are also taken into consideration. If there are no issues and the landlord approves you will get your tenancy deposit back within 10 days.

What can the landlord deduct from my tenancy deposit?

It is important to remember that it is normally the landlord that requests any deductions from your tenancy deposit and not the letting agent. If there are any issues with the property we will inform you in writing if the landlord requests any deductions along with the costs once we have them.

Common types of deductions are:

  • Property damage beyond wear and tear
  • Removing belongings
  • Rent arrears
  • Unpaid utility bills
  • Cleaning
  • Poor maintenance of gardens

If you agree with the landlord’s deductions and have informed us in writing we will organise a refund of the undisputed portion of your tenancy deposit. If you disagree with the deductions then you must put this in writing to our property management team who will then try and negotiate with your landlord.

If no agreement can be reached you can raise a dispute with DPS. You have three months from the end of your tenancy to raise a dispute.


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